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Our Plans

Guided Meditation

Personalized Seeker Program 

Find the right support for your inner journey and realize the long term benefits of meditation in a personalized way. 

Perfect balance of support & guidance for your inner journey, personalized to the tee


Group Seeker Program

Get the right guidance from Guru and support from other seekers on your deepening journey.


Deepen your practice with the guidance of a Guru and support of other seekers.

  • Personalized Live Sessions

  • Convenient scheduling

  • Personalized guided meditations for daily practice

  • Personalized habit tracking to support in deepening

  • Live Sessions in group of 5-6 

  • Weekly sessions

  • Guided meditations to practice daily

  • Personalized habit tracking to support in habit building

You can request callback to get clarity on what works best for you and join the Seeker Program (personalized or group) as per your comfort. We are here to help :)

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