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Homework for Day 1

Samavritti = Equal movement

Balance out your inhalations and exhalations to help to create equanimity of mind and energy inside your body & that helps to balance the chakras. Equalize the four components of the breath:

  1. Inhalation (Puraka)

  2. Internal retention (antara-khumbaka)

  3. Exhalation (rechaka)

  4. External retention (bahya-khumbaka)


The benefits include:

  1. Refining the breath and awareness of prana flow

  2. Calming the body 

  3. Focusing the mind helping to remove distractions making it easier to concentrate and meditate


How to practice 

  1. Begin with an exhale for the count of four

  2. Hold on the exhale for the count of four

  3. Inhale for the count of four

  4. Hold on the inhale for the count of four

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