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Dear Meditator,

Meditation is a solo journey, our goal is to enable you to understand and practice meditation without any additional support.

We will try to achieve that by supporting you in 4 ways:

1. Live Personalised Classes: We understand the importance of being able to connect with your instructor and learn new things. We would schedule a personalized live class with the instructor once a week to review your progress, clear any doubts and learn new things to practice for the next week. You will also receive new instructions and activities for the following in this 60 to 90 Mins live session. Feel free to read here why we believe an instructor (guru) is super important in your meditation journey here.

2. Relevant Theoretical Knowledge: We want you to develop the right understanding of meditation. We want you to not just understand the benefits but also understand what you are doing and why. Since there's too much noise out there, we will share curated content based on your progress, recommended activities, and meditation type. 

3. Progress Tracking: We strongly believe that one can only improve what one can measure. Hence to help you develop a regular meditation habit, and it only works if you do it regularly, we will send a personalized mail daily that will contain the following - 

1.  Reminder for meditating on that particular day

2. Theory and steps for that daily activity 

3. Link to Saadhna’s online meditation tracker, using which we can track how much time you have meditated on a daily basis.

4. Questionnaire to get inputs from you on your progress and the experience from different activities 

4. Connecting with instructor: We want to be your constant guide as you break your past emotional patterns and we understand that you might face issues in your daily practice which may need immediate attention. We will connect you with your instructor by mail where you can send your questions, doubts, or any challenges that you may have faced over the week. We will ensure that it gets resolved within 24 hours. 

Team Saadhna


Our achievement is when you no longer need us for your daily meditation! Of course, we're there if you need us :)​

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