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Personalized Meditation Plan

Why the

Personalized Plan?

We believe everyone has a unique meditation journey and hence need support, guidance and help differently.


With the personalized plan we offer the comfort of scheduling interactive live sessions at your convenience, getting a perosnslaied plan from an experienced instructor to fit your needs and schedule.   

Our most personalized meditation offering gives you access to interactive sessions through which you can get personalized mentorship from experienced meditation practitioners, who will support you in all aspects of your meditation practice. 

This includes:

  • Live Interactive sessions

    • Conveniently scheduled live sessions with instructor

    • Customized session structure as per your needs

  • Personalized Plan will include

    • Finding the right type of meditation and duration for you

    • Planning advances to suit your needs and goals

    • Teaching ideal techniques to help you anytime anywhere 

    • Special sleep & stress meditation routines for you

    • Mindfulness Techniques to help you overcome day to day challenges

    • Tips on building the habit of meditation in the long term

  • Activity based Mindfulness

    • Making meditation interesting through activity-based mindfulness​

    • Customized activities to practice mindfulness throughout the day

    • Mindful Eating recordings

    • Recommendations on physical health routine

    • Gratitude practice

  • Tracking Progress & Mapping Results

    • Progress plan with defined goals

    • Structured sessions to take you closer to your goals 

    • Defined metrics to track progress

  • Instructor Recordings

    • Recordings of different duration to be used as per your schedule

Price: $150 for 10 sessions*


*Note: All sessions will be 1-on-1 and will be scheduled as per your comfort and availability.

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