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Your Journey is unique

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How does the journey look?

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Personalised Live Classes
Every Week


Habit Building

Regularity is the most important thing while meditating. We will share with you a daily tracker for timing and meditation. We will also have separate habit counselling session with you. 

Relevant Theory

Theory is required to help you navigate the problems you face and build the right perspective. We will make sure that you understand exactly however much is needed to understand at each stage. 



Regular assessments through scientific data to ensure that you understand the progress you make. We will have a daily mood tracker and a personalized report every week. 

What Makes Us Unique?

Live Sessions

Connect with your guru one on one and experience their wisdom first hand.

Lifestyle Change

Build a routine where you don't need us anymore. Make meditation your nature.

Finest Gurus

We went ahead and found hidden gems from extreme corners of the world.

Understand concepts

Build yourself up theoretically as we share relevant concepts with you.

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