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Understand the seven centers of energy

Explore the connection between chakras & physical body

Learn how do chakras affect our everyday life

Take control of your personal growth

Live interactive sessions with a senior instructor

 Chakra Foundation

Understand the 7 Chakra & the energy system of your body

Mr. Bhupender S Negi

Meditation Practitioner for last 15+ years

Ministry of AYUSH certified Instructor

2 Day Workshop

4 & 5 September, 7:00 PM- 9:00 PM

Join Now For Only

INR 2499 /-

INR 449 /-

Who Should Do This?

If you are interested in knowing the subtle aspect of their own existence 

If you want to explore the chakra energy systems and truly understand them

Individuals who want to deeply connect with their body.

If you want to learn asana and pranayama practices to balance the chakra energy 

If you want to get a better understanding of the concept of Chakra Balancing.

The Benefits of 
Chakra Meditation

Connect With Yourself

Increased connection with self, others, and the Universe

Deep Sleep

Better energy flow helps with sleep and also helps reduce insomnia.   

Body Detoxification

Manage BP, cortisol levels, & immune functions.

Connect with Yourself

Detach from your thoughts, and get clarity in your thought process. 

Calms Nervous System

Remaining calm and clear in the midst of stressful circumstances 

2-Day Workshop Plan

All classes are 120-min Live Zoom Sessions

Day 01
Dharana & Dhyana

Understanding Dhyana (Meditation) & Power of Concentration (Dharana)

Day 02
Understanding Chakras

Definition, Location, Traits, Symbols & Beej Mantra for each Chakra

Live Session Format


Loosening Exercises


Asanas, Pranayamas & Meditation


Relevant theory for the day 


Clear all doubts & queries

Bonus Features

Bonus 01

Exclusive Access to

Saadhna Community

Join an active community of Saadhna meditators. Set goals,  share your journey with everyone and learn from their experience. 

Bonus 02

Free Exclusive Community Sessions

Join Live sessions by a variety of instructors regularly to learn new things and practice with everyone. All this at no additional cost!

Understanding Chakras


Our body is made up of five elements - earth, water, fire, air, and space. Each element is associated with a specific chakra - energy centers of prana (the life force). It is this prana - the life force - which makes us execute our daily activities - sleeping, eating, recreation, thinking, feeling, working, etc. 


Activating each chakra and in turn, the associated prana helps us to work efficiently, think clearly, and decide judiciously - the three pillars of mental health. This 7 Day program has been planned to assist you in utilizing your dormant energy (the energy centers of prana!) to make your life better - in terms of better mental health, decision making, self-confidence & feeling grounded at all times. 

What are chakras?

The pranic body is fuelled by the chakras, or psychic centers, which are subtle, high-powered vortices of energy in the body. They receive and store the cosmic prana, and act as transformers to step down the level of energy so that it can be used by the different organs and parts of the body. They also act as switches for illuminating the higher faculties and dimensions of consciousness.


The chakras have been discovered by yogis, rishis, and sages of various traditions in India and throughout the world. They have been seen, not by physical dissection of the body, but by psychic introspection. From the knowledge of these centers, the great science of kundalini yoga has developed, which is concerned with awakening the chakras. The six main chakras located along the spinal column are: mooladhara, swadhisthana, manipura, anahata, vishud- dhi and ajna. Although these centers are situated in the subtle body, they correspond to the nerve plexuses in the gross body.


Each chakra vibrates at a particular rate and velocity. The chakras at the lowest point of the energy circuit operate at a lower frequency. They are grosser and create grosser states of awareness. Chakras at the top of the circuit operate at a higher frequency and are responsible for higher intelligence and subtler states of awareness. 

What is the subtle body?

In the Bhagavad Gita, the subtle body is described as a combination of the mind, the intellect, and the ego, and it is the subtle body that controls the physical. Through the subtle body, the yogi experiences pleasure and pain.

According to Hindu and yogic philosophy, an individual is composed of three bodies; the karana sharira (causal body), sukshma sharira (subtle body), and karya sharira (gross physical body).

The subtle body is considered to be the various energetic layers that make up a human being beyond physicality.

It consists of three out of the five koshas (sheaths) of human existence:

  1. pranamaya kosha : the sheath of vital life force/energy

  2. manomaya kosha : the mental or psychological sheath

  3. vijnanamaya kosha : the sheath of wisdom and intellect

Hear what our customers say about us.


Home Maker
Vishakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh

"I was struggling with a lot of health issues and wanted to understand and practice chakra meditation for a very long time. I signed up for the Intro course by Bhupender ji hoping to understand the basics and it has turned out to be really amazing. The course is very well designed and the scientific approach could be seen in the curriculum and the teaching style. I was able to continue chakra meditation from the learnings of this course."

Meet Your Instructor

Mr. Bhupender Singh Negi

Saadhna Meditation Instructor

His Philosophy

Meditation for him is what follows after we are able to focus on one thought or an object with one-pointedness of the mind that we become one with the thought or the object and there is non presumptuous observation of the object or the thought.

Knowing him more and his teaching style

Influenced by his teachers, peers, environment, and travels, Bhupender aims to bring an unparalleled sense of empowerment to each of his classes. He is a Motivated Yoga Acharya & Practitioner with advanced training in Hatha Yoga, a part of Ashtanga (eight limbs) principles. Through pranayama, asana & right intention he strives to have his students leave each class feeling refreshed and renewed. He aspires for Sthira Sukham Asanam (Steady Comfortable Posture) as a practitioner himself and motivates the students for the same. He aims to live a yogic lifestyle and lead his classes in a way that reflects that choice.

Bhupender ji .png

The Saadhna Session Experience

Enjoy the benefits of guided meditation from the comfort of your home.

Build a consistent practice and take guidance from experienced instructors.

Meditate From The Comfort Of Your Home
You can start meditating regularly & experience the amazing benefits yourself in just a week.
Daily Live Classes With Experienced Instructors
After years of practice, our instructors have integrated meditation into their lives. 
Meditate In Community Of Like-Minded People
Meditating in groups motivates you from within to do better and stay consistent in your practice.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

We add all participants to a Whatsapp group 2 days before the program starts. We share all relevant information, & Zoom meeting links on the group itself. We also share daily homework, session pointers, and more! 

How do the online sessions work?

All the live sessions are conducted on Zoom, so they’re super easy to join with your laptop, tablet, or phone. You’ll receive a link to join once you complete your payment. Book your seat now!

When does the session happen?

We will have sessions at 7.00 PM every day on 4th & 5th Sep! We have limited seats only to ensure that everyone gets time to interact with the instructor.

What all do I get for INR 449?

You get 2 Live classes over 2 Days on 4th & 5th Sep where you will learn to utilize your dormant energy (the energy centres of prana!) and make your life better.


  1. Lifetime access to the Facebook Community of Saadhna Meditators.

  2. Access to LIVE community meditation sessions. 

What is the Lifetime access to FB Community?

On joining the Chakra Foundation Workshop, you get access to an exclusive community of Saadhna meditators. You can share your meditation journey with them. We also organize FREE & LIVE community sessions every week which you can join at no extra cost.  

I have more questions, what should I do?

Just give us a call or drop a Whatsapp on 8826006404 and we will get back to you at the earliest!   


Feel free to reach out to us on WhatsApp or give us a call at (+91) 928 904 0624

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