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taking meditation seriously

We have a meditation solution that's right for you.


Live interactive sessions for best learning and retention  

Highly personalized meditation process for your needs

Conveniently schedule all live guided meditation sessions

Meditate & get guidance from seasoned practitioners


Live interactive classes with personalized guidance from experienced instructors


Personalization through activity based meditation, duration & type

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Interesting activities to make it meditation applicable & less boring


Measurable progressions & constant support system for your mental health

Our Past Customers


Working Professional, Jewelry Store

New York

"I learnt meditation on YouTube for almost 2 years now. Got very advanced on my own but had several unresolved issues. I felt vibrations in my lower body during my sittings and wasn't even sure if it's good or bad. I found Saadhna on FB and I am so happy that I signed up for a doubt class. My instructor cleared all many doubts, helped me with so many other things that I was doing wrongly."


Senior IT Professional, Healthcare Company


"I knew about the benefits of meditation all my life but I have been struggling to build a regular practice for almost a year now. I signed up for the $1 trial and it was the best dollar ever spent. I have built a solid practice in just 6 weeks and am already feeling the benefits in my routine. I am much more productive. The best thing that has worked for me are activity   based meditations"


Freelancer, Digital Marketing


"I have been using mobile apps to meditate for 1.5 years now and felt stuck with my practice. Wasn't even sure if what I did for 2 years was the right way to do it. I was struggling to continue my routine and then found Saadhna at the right time. The trial class helped me understand what worked for me and what I should avoid doing. My instructor  understood me so well and everything he recommended has worked for me."


Personalized Meditation Plan

This is our most personalized offering that gives you access to on-demand live personalized sessions with experienced instructors who help you build a consistent mediation routine that's personalized to your schedule and needs.

Personalized Plan + 10 Live On-Demand Sessions at $200 

Other offerings

Our Offerings

How It Works


Sign up for the LIVE Trial class with our Instructor



A 10-min on-boarding call to understand your intent 

To understand your existing level, goals and expectations to match you with the right instructor.


Schedule your first guided meditation session at $1

This will be a live 60 mins session with an experienced instructor.




Begin your journey with the personalized plan 

The personalized plan will be tailored to your needs, schedule and goals.  

Our Instructors


Bhrigu Sharma

Passionate Meditation Practitioner with more then 18 years experience in guiding fellow seekers to the divine path of truth. He got introduced to yoga and meditation in 2005 when he came in contact with Art of living foundation, while doing his Graduation in Physical therapy. 

Our Instructors
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Girl in a Forest
Meditation can be hard, let us help you
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