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taking meditation Seriously

What we believe in

We realize that not everybody has the same goals and that is why all of our meditation programs are custom-made for you. We will think of you in every step.

Why are Instructors Important

We believe that to acquire any skill or learn anything in life, we need the right support, right guidance, and hence the right mentor/instructor, or as we like to call it- a Guru. 

And, not just any Guru...

We know it can be difficult to find someone who truly understands your needs, goals and aligns with your expectations. So we at Saadhna decided to make the process of finding experienced authentic meditation gurus simple and more personalized. 

Our Gurus have at least 15 years of meditation experience and are well equipped to help all types of learners in building a meditation routine, learn different types of meditation, deepen an existing practice, or simply clear advanced doubts.


In short, our Gurus and team will make sure that you build the meditation routine that best fits your requirements (needs and schedule). 

Our Offerings

Group Meditation

Personalized Meditation Plan

Meditate in Group

1-on-1 Doubt Session

Our most personalized meditation offering gives you access to interactive sessions 

Get personalized mentorship from experienced meditation practitioners, who will support you in:

  • Finding the right type of meditation for you

  • Building a weekly meditation plan based on your schedule and needs

  • Making meditation interesting through activity-based mindfulness​

  • Creating a personalized meditation plan that includes tip, techniques, and activities customized to your needs

Price: $150 for 10 sessions

(All session will be 1-to-1)


All sessions will be scheduled as per your comfort and availability 

Bring your friends & meditate live in group sessions with authentic our instructors

It is amazing to have meditation buddies, it is even amazing to get mentored as a group:

  • Make your own group for meditation

  • Schedule all live meditation sessions at your comfort 

  • Engage in mindful activities with your friends

  • Choose the meditation type, duration, and progressions  

Price: $250 for 10 sessions

(Upto 5 members)


All sessions will be scheduled as per your group's comfort and availability 

Ask doubts and clear any roadblocks in your existing meditation practice  

This the best fit if you have meditation practice but need an experienced guru to resolve advanced meditation doubts​

  • 60 mins live 1-to-1 session with our most senior instructor

  • Ask as many questions as you want about any meditation practice

  • Our instructors have experience with Reiki, Chakra, Vipassana, Anapan Kriya, and more

  • Solve issues like headache, time crunch, unusual feelings, falling asleep, etc 

Price: $50 per 60 mins session


Live session will be scheduled as per your comfort and availability 

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