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Manipura Chakra


Manipura literally means 'the city of jewels'. This center is associated with heat, vitality, dynamism, generation, and preservation. Manipura can be understood with the dazzling orb of the sun, without which there would be no life. As the sun radiates light and energy, so Manipura radiates and distributes pranic energy throughout the body, regulating and fuelling life's processes.

Where is Manipura located in the human body?

It is located behind the navel in the spine.

Which element of the body is Manipura associated with?

Manipura is associated with the fire element.

Manipura and Psychology

In psychological terms, Manipura is predominantly influenced by rajas guna - activity, dynamism, strength, and will.

Manipura and Beej-mantra

The bija mantra, or master key, to Manipura is Ram.

Yoga Asanas & Pranayams 

For this Chakra, you can practice the following

  1. Ardha Pawan Muktasana

  2. Poorna Pawan Muktasana

  3. Meru Wakrasana

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