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taking meditation seriously

Learn & Master the Breath-Mind-Body techniques for holistic wellness in life!


Hosted by Saadhna Meditation

All in one sessions: Breathwork & Meditation

Become Less Anxious & Stay Positive

Boost Your Lung Capacity & Overall Immunity

7-Day Course: 12th June - 19th June, 6:30 - 7:15 AM

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Interact & Learn Live with Senior Instructor!

Join Now At INR 999

₹  450/-

Mrs. Malinie Arora

Meditation Instructor for last 18+ Years

Trained 2000+ Meditators

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Program Overview

7-Day Course Plan

All classes will be LIVE 45 Mins Zoom Meetings

Day 2: Breath Awareness

- Awareness of inhalation and exhalation 

-  Rhythmic breathing

Day 4: Body Awareness

- Awareness about all body parts 
- Body scanning meditation 

Day 6: Diaphragm Breathing Technique

- Difference of natural &diaphragm breathing

- Tips & techniques to do it

Day 1 : Breath Dynamics

- Type of breathing: Normal breathing,  without sound breathing, deep breathing 

Day 3: Thought Awareness 

- How to be mindful about present moment 
- Awareness about past, future, present

Day 5:  Advanced Breathing Exercises 

- Summarizing breathing and how to actually works 
- Awareness of heartbeats 

Day 7: Integrating Breathing Techniques 

- Ways to integrate practices in daily routine

- How to get the most out of the learnings

Bonus 1

Day 8: Additional Doubt Session

Live Interaction Session with Mrs. Malinie to clear all doubts, get nutrition tips for better health and lifestyle changes to continue the practice forward! 

Bonus 2

Exclusive FB Community Access

Join an active community of Saadhna Meditators to share your your own journey and learn from others experience. Set goals and share your progress with everyone!   

Bonus 3

Lifetime Free Community Sessions

Join LIVE sessions by a variety of instructors regularly to learn new things and practice with everyone. All this at no additional cost!

Who Should Do This

COVID recovered patients looking to improve their immunity

The journey of recovering from COVID can be tough. Meditating in this phase can improve your immune system, help you deal with anxiety, and feel relaxed. Using correct Breathing techniques you can feel better almost instantly. 

People who are struggling to fall asleep 

Anxiety and overthinking often lead to sleeplessness. Practicing meditation can help you manage emotions of anger, stress, and anxiety. Breathing exercises can help you stabilize the heartbeat and breathing rate leading to a relaxed state of mind which can help you fall asleep.

Professionals for Productity, Balance & Focus

Handling the pressures of work can often take a toll on your mental health. Breathwork & Meditation can help you manage stress, take better decisions and increase your productivity. Regular meditation can help you strengthen your personal and professional relationships too.

Home-makers for Self-care, Emotional health & Balance

You have been working overtime since the Pandemic started. Taking out time to Meditate and learning correct breathing techniques will add energy to your body. Invest time to improve your mental well-being using simple but effective breathing techniques.

Our Past Customers


Home-maker, Delhi

"Breath-mind-body course was a perfect balance of learning concepts and feeling transformed! Her voice was very good and I could follow her instructions very easily. I had spent so much time following random videos from all types of instructors but couldn't find structured content on even the basic concepts like breathing and meditation. This BMB course taught me to better connect with myself and understand the basics of what I am doing."


Assistant Manager, Bhopal

"Malinie ji's course has made me understand how simple breathing techniques can be so effective. I knew about the benefits of meditation all along but could never build a regular practice. I took the Breath Mind Body course because it seemed really easy to start with. In just 7 days I had so much clarity on what I was doing and why. I am really motivated to do mediation regularly after this course."

Meet Your Instructor

Mrs. Malinie Arora

Malinie's Philosophy..

With 20 years of profound experience in the health and wellness field, Malinie motivates you to find new ways of coming up with solutions & broader perspectives on life. Now she is here to enable you to explore the deeper layers within you, ultimately come home to yourself.

Knowing her more and her teaching style..

She has been practicing and teaching meditation and yogic sciences for more than 18 years now. She is a seeker and one of the most compassionate people around. She has devoted her life to uplifting the mental health of individuals around her. Her clients keep coming back to her for more workshops and personalized coaching. She has coached senior leaders from multinational organizations to be more stress-free and improve focus. She coaches home-makers to be better with their relationships, manage their professional ambitions, and explore themselves. She teaches people of all ages: from young kids to aged folks helping all in improving mindfulness.  

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Certified from Top Yogic Institutions


Numerous Certifications & Awards:

  • Yoga as a therapy from Yogsadhna

  • Reiki and Extra Sensory Power from (Usui Shiki Ryoho, Mumbai)

  • 5-year Intense Self Realization Fellowship from (Yogoda Satsanga Society India, Ranchi) based on Higher Meditation Techniques

  • More than 20+ certifications from all top institutions! 

Benefits of
Breath-Mind-Body Course

Relax & Feel Peace

Meditation can produce a deep state of relaxation and a tranquil mind.

Improve Sleep Quality

Right Breathing can quiet the mind & body while enhancing inner peace.

Be More Creative

Mindfulness mediation works to enhance creativity and innovation.

Get More Patient

 Breathing meditation is proven to reduce stress, increase focus.

Meditation improves attention, focus, stress management, self-awareness. 

Control Your Mind

What You Get

This 7-Day course is aimed to make you aware of the connection between Breath, Mind & Body. Through this course, you will be able to use breathing techniques to control your mind and body. 

Breath-Mind-Body Course

7 Live Group Sessions over 7 Days

Meditate and Practice Daily

Learn theoritcal & practical concepts

Meditate with like-minded people

Bonus 1 : Interative Doubt Class 

Bonus 2: Lifetime Access to FB Community

Bonus 3: FREE Community Live Sessions


₹ 450

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Saadhna Meditation

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