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Learn Meditation & Go Deep with Authentic Indian Masters


Saadhna Experience

LIVE 1-to-1 conveniently scheduled session as per your schedule

Best meditation masters to help you understand meditation the right way

Personalised practice for every practitioner to meet you where you are

Why you should book a FREE Trial?

When you think about your meditation practice and if the following questions come to your mind

Want to know more before you start?

Don't know what's the right way forward for you?

Find it confusing and need some clarity?

Just want to talk to someone experienced?

If yes, you should book a free Trial and get clarity before you deep dive into the practice!

Over 10,000 practitioners love Saadhna

Green Forest
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Albert, New York

I had practiced meditation from Youtube and different apps but didn't feel progress with my daily practice. Saadhna's teachers helped me get through the stagnant phase and I learnt truly authentic meditation techniques

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Janet, California

I came to meditation to heal myself. My Guru helped me find a path for healing within myself and get closer to my goal. I recommend Saadhna to everyone wanting to meditate the right way.

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Shraddha, Texas

I was hesitant to try meditation as I used to over think a lot. Had too many thoughts throughout. My teacher  understood this and helped me with chanting practices and breathing techniques that calmed me down. It worked like magic

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