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Before moving into details of the Seeker Program, here is short note by the founder of Saadhna.

Mental health is a growing concern and to live a fulfilling, actualized life meditation can be transformational. We believe that if you invest in one habit over the next 6 months, let it be meditation. 

Like most good things in life, often contrary to what we like to believe, sustainable change is hard and it takes a lot of time. Developing a meditation habit or becoming a 'meditator' is hard too. A 7-day or a 15-day course is good to get you a feel of things but it is not enough for going deep into the practice to discover more about your mind.

Through my own meditation journey and through careful analysis of the problems people face, we have developed this program to not only help you go deeper into meditation but also to gradually enable you to practice it on your own and make it a part of your schedule. 

Our mind is very sensitive - even more when we are meditating. We want you to have personalized attention that's why there will be 5-6 people in each class. It's very important to progress at your own pace and have guidance especially when you are going a little deep in it. You will get personalized instructions for your self-practice at each stage.

Personally, I've realized that more theory and less theory can be both detrimental to the practice. More theory leads to more intellectualization and less focus on the practice itself. At the same time, some theory is required to help you navigate the problems you face and build the right perspective about them. In this program, Carefully curated theory will be shared with you at each stage. 

Habit building is quite important. Meditation, of all things, needs to be done daily. In fact, most seasoned practitioners say that practicing daily is more important than doing longer sittings. We, at Saadhna, firmly believe in that. We have a strict mechanism through daily reminders, tracking, and reporting to help you stick to the schedule. 

It is tough to measure meditation progress. Most of it is experiential. You will yourself notice how your consciousness is changing. We have a solid scientific temperament and rely on psychometric assessments at regular intervals to help you get stock of your experiential self.

Please click the button below to know more about how we give personalized support in your solo journey. 

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