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A meditation solution that's right for you.

Get complete guidance from seasoned practitioners through live interactive sessions and personalize your meditation requirements.

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What Is Meditation?

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of training the mind systematically.

of fully conscious living.

But, Why Meditate?

It's a one stop solution for everything.

Revamp Mental Health

Enhance Concentration

Increased Emotional Stability

Improve Sleep Quality

Treat Post Traumatic Stress

Reduce Stress, Anxiety, And Depression

Manage Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders

Boost Physical Fitness

Treat Chronic Pain

Lower Blood Pressure

Attain Awakening

Self Actualization

Increase Self Awareness

Greater Awareness and Sensitivity

Better manage Relationships

Saadhna Experience

Authentic Gurus

Among the plethora of meditation instructors, we carefully select and bring to you the most proficient and experienced coaches across the globe. We settle for nothing but the finest.

Reinforced By Neuroscience

We make sure to polish the ancient wisdom with the modern advancements of neuroscience. Our meditation practice is based on a scientific temperament. This is inculcated with behavioral sciences to help you build a habit and meditate better.

Delve In Theory

We help you become better meditators by imparting theoretical knowledge and assisting you in understanding it. We believe it is necessary to read and grasp along with practicing, to understand the mind.

Personalized For You

The path along the meditation journey varies significantly among humans. 
We take that into account and make sure it is customized based on your level, requirements, activities, and schedule. The one-on-one guru-shishya tradition is a time tested process.

Our Offerings

Different services, for different requirements! Pick the best one for yourself.


Live Interactive Group Courses

Each course is designed with extreme precision

Experience the wisdom of a live instructor

Ask doubts, interact and learn from the best in the world

Be a part of a community that keeps you motivated

Upcoming Courses:


Chakra Balancing Meditation
Learn & Balance Your Chakra Energy

Personalize Your Experience

One-on-One personalized meditation experience.

Build a customized meditation plan that suits your needs.

Become a serious meditator by learning directly from your guru.

Book A Private Session And Resolve Your Meditation Doubts


Assessment And Progress Reporting

Building a habit is tough. 
Let us support you,
While you rise the stairs.

Our community and instructors keep you motivated.

We assess you in a scientific and timely manner.

You are provided analytical reports for assessments.

Mindfulness activities based on behavioral sciences are given.

You get to monitor yourself during daily practice

Explore Our Community

Enable Lifelong Support.
Gurus and members to reach out and share moments. 
Each individual having gone through a unique journey of their own.

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Hear what our customers say about us.


Ph.D. Scholar
Sirsa, Haryana  

"I was practicing meditation from YouTube and had several unresolved issues. Even after a year of practice, I didn't know if I was doing it right or not. I found Saadhna's courses on FB and I am so happy that I signed up for the Chakra course. The live program was a truly unique experience, the content was so structured and the instructors could really help me do things correctly. The course has taught me to better connect with myself, be aware of my thoughts and emotions."

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